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Intercesores y Ujieres / Intercessors and Ushers | Templo De La Trinidad

Ministerios de  Intercesores y Ujieres /
Intercessors & Ushers Ministry

Angelica Cuevas currently serves as the leader of our intercessor prayer group. Born in Guerrero, Mexico.  Being the leader of this group is a huge blessing. Its my responsibility to place myself in front of all the needs of the people in the church and outside the church. We pray for the lost souls so they can find salvation in Christ. We also focused on praying for the restoration of matrimonies and the peace and happiness of all the families. When the times are hard we know the power of prayer is going to do the difference. We are going to continue fighting for the eternal purpose of God.  God bless you. Amen
Juan Manuel Cuevas currently serves as the ushers coordinator and was born in Guerrero, Mexico. The ushers are a great group of people who are willing to serve God to greet the visitors that come to our church Templo de la Trinidad. The ushers are here to show others love and serve the people in whatever need that they may have through prayer. We keep the order in the Church, we make sure that everything is ok and that everyone is doing great. May God bless you and I hope that my testimony can help all of those who read it. Amen